Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roarrrring Twenties.

The 1920s are so endlessly inspiring. I delved into the '20s look and satisfied my paper doll cravings on the website, Looklet.

Doesn't this headband look completely Art Deco? I adore it.

Triple Threat headband from Old Soul, New Heart.

I might give up dressing normally, and start decking myself out in costumes every day. Rachel Zoe looks like she's always on her way to the disco, so why can't I look like I'm headed to the speakeasy?


Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting to lend you my book "Twenties Girl" by Sophie Kinsella...you'd love it

i'm cathy. said...

I just got a flapper dress from F21... can't wait to dress up for Halloween. I made my own sparkle and feather headband too. Just wish I had more occasions to dress up. Maybe my clients won't mind if I do push-ups and sprints in a dress...

Sabrina said...

I want to read the book, Elizabeth!

And Cathy...they would LOVE to see you as a flapper. They would be inspired to work harder to look as cute as you in the dress.

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