Friday, September 4, 2009

Falling for Anthro, over and over and over.

Not being obscenely wealthy is really starting to cramp my style (yes, literally). It almost breaks my heart to thumb through an Anthropologie catalog or browse their site, yet I continue to (because I am a masochist). They have piles and piles of things that I would wear to death. Their clothes and the dreamy lifestyle their catalogs portray makes you want to dress like a lady with embellished tights and dab eau de parfum behind each ear, and put your hair up with ribbon and kiss boys on tire swings.

Tonight I'm going to dress like a lady from my own closet and look at lovely paintings with lovely people. Robert Lang's Measure: Creatures Great + Small and SCOOP Studios' Up, works by Scott Debus and about a million other things are going on in the French Quarter tonight. Look for me. Let's have a drink.

Or, if you are far away, tell me about your weekend plans!


Anonymous said...

I tried on that green striped dress. It was amazing. I wanted to buy it.

Sabrina said...

I didn't even let myself try it on, because I knew a salesperson would have to forcibly remove it from me because I would never want to take it off. It's been there since summertime...why won't they just put it on sale already?

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