Thursday, September 3, 2009

It was 67 degrees this morning.

I have the strangest feeling. I know it's the changing of the seasons. Fall may well be my favorite season, because you can feel it happening. You feel the coolness, the slight undercurrent of change after the heavy heat of August summer in Charleston. There's a bevy of posts each year dedicated to my excitement for autumn, but this one feels particularly intense. I woke up this morning with a feeling of anticipation after a night of back-to-back wild and wonderful dreams. Something is about to happen and I'm excited that whatever it is will be ushered in with such a mysterious season. Autumn is smoky and smooth and crisp and curious. It's the season where people cover themselves in layers and scarves and their breath hangs visible in the air. It's the season where people hide behind masks for a night of mischief. It's a season for travel and learning new things and falling into piles of leaves.

I'm so jealous of people who have these well-organized theme blogs: design, decor, cooking, fashion. Simple. My blog ebbs and flows with rambling and movies and music and bits and pieces of this and that. It's somewhat like digging through my mind's junk drawer. Maybe my blog needs some direction. Maybe I need some direction. That's what this season is going to be for. Figuring it all out.

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Belle said...

I'm not surprised to say that I woke up feeling the same way yesterday; it was 65 in D.C. and the faint smell of a wood stove followed me to work though none were in sight.

All day I floated between feeling like anything was possible, and nervous not to know what, if anything, came next; uplifted, yet anxious. Watching all the kids walk to school I find myself wanting to learn, yet overwhelmed by new material. Where to begin?

I fear this year, when I will turn 25, is the year of being torn.

I like that your blog reflects that, it makes me in good company.

Sabrina said...

Mmm..wood stove smells. I don't really understand this trippy, otherworldly, out-of-place feeling, but it's kind of lovely, huh?

I'm glad you feel you're in good's pleasant to have someone else feeling the same way.

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