Monday, November 28, 2011


packing for Charlotte / Thanksgiving morning berry crepes / spying on breakfast / a full Thanksgiving plate (and that's not even all the sides!) / resting up for Christmas tree hunting / Trees! / quarry hike / tall pines (I spy Kati!) / a mossy find / a haircut in Mayberry (Mt. Airy, NC) / Maya modeling one of my vintage finds / a midnight snack at Amelie's

I thought I packed thoroughly, but I forgot my camera! The whole holiday, it felt like I was missing a limb. Luckily, I keep my iPhone pretty close by at all times, so I used Instagram to document some of the adventures.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cognac and burgundy.

I've been shoe-hunting lately, and I realized that I've found a few pairs in a particular color scheme. There's more where these come from, though! Prepare to try on some vintage things that add some strut to your step at the Lowcountry Artist Market on Saturday!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lowcountry Artist Market Countdown.

A week from today is the Lowcountry Artist Market! I'll be posting all throughout the week about items I'll be featuring there. Lately I've had an obsession with accordion-pleated skirts and plaid. You'll see plenty of both trends among the racks next weekend, but today, I'm showing off two skirts that incorporate both trends!

I love the color palette in this skirt. My personal autumn/winter palette rests solidly in these colors.

Something extra special about this skirt is that it has a double-sided zipper. It's reversible! Two skirts for the price of one!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A week.

Steven's heading out today for a weeklong mini-tour with his good friend, musician Nathan Reich. (If you're in Nashville, Lynchburg, or NYC, you should check them out!) While he's out of town, I have BIG plans:

  • dye my hair red 
  • paint the bedroom a pretty pale gray
  • reorganize the entire house, room by room
  • do yoga every day
  • eat super clean--no sugar, flour, or coffee
  • read a few books
  • lots of time out with girlfriends
Here's a more realistic list of what my week will probably look like:

  • nights spent lazing on the couch watching season two of Downton Abbey
  • mac 'n' cheese dinners and pints of ice cream
  • last-minute cleaning spree at the end of the week
  • hair will probably stay the same color, unless Margaret comes over and does it for me
  • lots of snuggling with this gal
  • chick flicks, chick flicks, chick flicks 
  • sweatpants, sweatpants, sweatpants
It'll be a big struggle between good and evil this week. Let's see which side wins. 

P.S. I'll leave you with a song from Steven and Nathan ("David & Goliath"):

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lazy Sunday (and Saturday, and Friday).

I have almost nothing to show for this weekend. I practically never left the house, except for to walk around the neighborhood or run to the grocery store. I didn't shop or socialize with friends. It was amazing. I forgot what it felt like to have zero plans, and I needed a weekend where I proudly accomplished practically nothing (besides making a killer butternut squash, carrot, and ginger soup for dinner this evening).

I did, however, clean out my closet again. Some of these items are new additions to eBay, and others are pieces that unfortunately didn't sell last go-round. I've decided to make all items free shipping to people in the U.S., so if you're interested, bid away! Shipping's on me!

If any of these items strikes your fancy, or to see more images of what I have for sale, click this link!