Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Fall Feeling.

In Charleston, the weather has been dropping from highs in the 90s to the 80s, with late evenings and early mornings even toying with temperatures below 70! While this may seem to be an imperceptible change to others in cooler climates, in Charleston, the change is noted and celebrated.

As is fitting, I've been hunting for items appropriate for the impending autumn -- namely layering pieces like blouses and jackets. These items will be added to Inherited in the coming days: 

1940s  Fred A. Block Original wool cropped jacket with bow detail

 1970s plaid Bobbie Brooks blazer

1960s Clarendon by Henry Fredericks peach wool coat

 1970s floral blouse with removable bowtie 

 1980s sheer cream silk blouse
1950s black shantung silk blazer by Monet Custom Tailors of Hong Kong

 1970s  printed shirtdress (perfect with tights, boots, and a cardigan for fall!)

 1960s accordion pleat wool plaid skirt

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I love reading best-selling novels. The problem is, I buy my books almost exclusively at thrift stores, which means that my pickings are generally the best-sellers of several years ago, now thumbed through and discarded after vacations, lunch breaks and book clubs have gotten the best of them. Regardless, they're new to me.

In vintage-land, I've been obsessed with the Edwardian era (obsessing over past seasons of Downton Abbey doesn't help things) and I've finally read the two Frank Lloyd Wright novels that everyone was raving about in about 2008-2009.

Thesis statement for Loving Frank and The Women: Frank Lloyd Wright was an arrogant ass, but was super-talented. Also, read these books. The facts about his life are things of fiction. CRAZY.