Sunday, September 20, 2009

October 12 is coming! and more.

You guys. Tomorrow marks only three short weeks until I get to see Andrew Bird and St. Vincent together. The mere thought makes my heart pound and sends shivers running down my spine.

Here is a 29-minute taste of them together, in Paris (of course), by La Blogotheque (of course):

So this weekend. So many of my lady friends are out of town this weekend! Elizabeth is in NYC enjoying a ritzy opera gala, Laura is visiting her man, and Carter is probably somewhere in the clouds returning from a week in France. And me? Yep, in Charleston. Oh the drama. Oh, the glamour.

Friday was spent drinking Mushroom Tea and eating gooey pizza with lovely people. Two of these individuals continued the weekend magic on Saturday by getting ENGAGED! Gervase and Kevin could not be better-suited. I love being around both of them, together and apart. Love is everywhere and I love it. I could just eat it up with a spoon. Two other lovely couples are getting married next weekend. It breaks my heart that they are in two different cities and I can't be at both weddings...but my heart is going to be right there with both.

Saturday was spent daydreaming and running errands and buying some platform heels and then filling up on spicy Indian food and interesting conversations until my lips burned and my brain buzzed. Tonight, I will be watching Nazis get scalped while probably drinking a chocolate milkshake. Appetizing, I know. But it's Cinebarre, and I'm thinking we won't be able to not order something.

Also, I received the most amazing (and unexpected!) set of mix CDs recently, and I'd like to share Disc 1 (titled "Lo-Fi Tendencies") with you, in case you're in the mood for a great, eclectic mix:

Woody Guthrie: "Red River Valley"
Elvis Presley: "My Happiness"
Billy Bragg: "A New England"
The Raveonettes: "Love Can Destroy Everything"
Hank Williams, Sr.: "Someday You'll Call My Name"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: "Hyperballad"
Donovan: "To Sing for You"
John Lennon: "Look at Me"
The Beatles: "I Will"
Thom Yorke: "How I Made My Millions"
Arcade Fire: "Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)"
The Velvet Underground: "Stephanie Says"
Fugazi: "I'm So Tired"
The Free Design: "Love You"
Go! Team: "Hold Yr Terror Close"
Chad & Jeremy: "A Summer Song"
Bob Dylan: "Boots of Spanish Leather"
The Beatles: "Julia"
Nick Drake: "Which Will"
Bjork: "Generous Palmstroke"
Hank Williams, Sr.: "There's a Tear in My Beer"
The Velvet Underground: "After Hours"
Bjork: "The Anchor Song"

Have a great Sunday!

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Jeff said...

What a list. I love Billy Bragg. One of my favorites is "Must I Paint You a Picture."

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