Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today I Like...

* My tall, black riding boots (Who am I kidding? I LOVE these every day.)

* morning drives over a foggy bridge

* hot coffee with sugar in my favorite mug

* layers of long silver necklaces

* funny text messages from friends near and far

* plans for holiday meals (Brussels sprouts sauted with bacon and shallots!)

* cataloging the treasures I gleaned from the thrift store this weekend

* Today's "The Writer's Almanac"...especially this part of Eleanor Lerman's poem, "What The Dark-Eyed Angel Knows":

"so why is it that all I can think of (and will think of through
the torrential rains to come and the howling night) is
you, sighing so deeply in the darkness, you and the smell
of you and the windswept curve of your cheek? If this
train ever stops, I will ask that dark-eyed angel, the one
who hasn't spoken yet. He looks like he might know"

and this quote from Margaret Anderson, whose birthday is today:

"I believe in the unsubmissive, the unfaltering, the unassailable, the irresistible, the unbelievable--in other words, in an art of life."

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