Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday night musings.

Sometimes I start to write a post and then I have to hold down the delete button until the cursor blinks patiently all the way back at the beginning, because I realize that my "college experience regression" antics should remain in blurred memories and in ink in one lone journal, which will remain forever in my possession.

On that note, here's a list of my own personal wants/wishes for myself:

  • Really know Photoshop, beyond Gaussian Blur, checking image sizing, and all the standard cropping, greyscaling, etc. that I do. So many blogs I read daily are absolutely gorgeous, decked out with fancy Photoshop techniques that I never learned.
  • Improve my German by reading more (novels, articles, etc.) in the language and actually attending some of the cool German Meet Up group events Charleston has.
  • Really learn French, rather than pretending I know it by watching one billion French films and convincing myself that I don't really need the subtitles.
  • Actually stick to this morning routine: wake up, work out, start coffee, shower, eat a real breakfast, spend some QT with Maya, and have a bit o' time left over to read. When I actually accomplish everything, the quality of my day is amped about 1,000%.
  • On the note of this list, start a journal solely dedicated to my personal lifelong wish list, in the style of the fun book with the same title: The Wish List.
  • Get everything in order: tupperware, paperwork, finances, the attic, my closet, under the sink, and then my life in general.
  • Really be thankful: for the most part, I adore my life, but sometimes find my brain straying into the "My life would be so much better if I just had _______" territory. (I know this contradicts this list, but ce la vie.)
  • Say yes to more opportunities (events, travel, et al.).
  • Give myself more recharge/reflection time rather than just going, going, going.
  • More to come.

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