Monday, November 16, 2009

One of the many reasons Mary-Louise Parker is a goddess.

I've already put it out there that Mary Louise Parker is in my dream girl posse (I really need to update the roster), and I found a new reason thanks to my favorite men's mag, Esquire. When Esquire wrote a thank-you note to her for being hot/intelligent/humorous/hot, she wrote her own "Thank-You Note to Men":

To you, whom it may concern:

Manly creature, who smells good even when you don't, you wake up too slowly, with fuzzy, vertical hair and a slightly lost look on your face as though you are seven or seventy-five; you can fix my front door, my sink, and open most jars; you, who lose a cuff link and have to settle for a safety pin, you have promised to slay unfortunate interlopers and dragons with your Phillips head or Montblanc; to you, because you will notice a woman with a healthy chunk of years or pounds on her and let out a wolf whistle under your breath and mean it; because you think either rug will be fine, really it will; you seem to walk down the street a little taller than me, a little more aware but with a purpose still; to you who codifies, conjugates, slams a puck, baits a hook, builds a decent cabinet or the perfect sandwich; you who gives a twenty to the kids selling Hershey's bars and waits at baggage claim for three hours in your flannel shirt; you, sir, you take my order, my pulse, my bullshit; you who soaps me in the shower, soaks with me in the tub; to you, boy grown-up, the gentleman, soldier, professor, or caveman, the fancy man with initials on your towels and salt on your chocolates, to you and to that guy at the concession stand; thank you for the tour of the vineyard, the fire station, the sound booth, thank you for the kaleidoscope, the Horsehead Nebula, the painting, the truth; to you who carries me across the parking lot, up the stairs, to the ER, to roll-away or rice mat; to you who shows up every so often only to confuse and torment, and you who stays in orbit, always, to my left and steady, you stood up for me, I won't forget that; to you, the one who can't figure it out and never will, and you who lost the remote, the dog, or your way altogether; to you, wizard, you sang in my ear and brought me back from the dead, you tell me things, make me shiver; to the ones who destroyed me, even if for a minute, and to the ones who grew me, consumed me, gave me my heart back times ten; to most everything that deserves to call itself a man: How I do love thee, with your skill to light fires that keep me warm, light me up.

Who could have said it better? If you've got time, check out some of her other Esquire pieces, such as "The Ten Types of Music No Man Should Own" (ie, #4, "Any soundtrack involving earnest undersea creatures who sing or play drums as they struggle to find their way home").


Meghann said...

Oh, yes.

Mary-Louise Parker IS my girl posse. OK, there are a lot, lot of others in there, but I know for a fact I am not the only person who pretends to be Nancy Botwin whilst sipping iced lattes.

One of the reasons she leads the pack can be found around 2:24 in this Emmy comedienne roundtable:

Meghann said...

ooops i probably could've linked to that and somehow been a better person...

try this?

Sabrina said...

Sometimes I feel like we share a brain. I loved this whole roundtable discussion...I never even picked up on moment 2:24 when I watched it before!

Meghann said...

If we share a brain (and I like to think we do), you have clearly been hogging whichever lobe controls/provides a fantastic sense of fashion...please share!

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