Sunday, January 31, 2010

When it's Springtime...

...I'm going to sleep in light, airy things like this:

Aerie Vintage Chambray Romper (sold out online...)

...I'm going to memorize short poems, such as Louise Bogan's "Epitaph for a Romantic Woman":
She has attained the permanence
She dreamed of, where old stones lie sunning.
Untended stalks blow over her
Even and swift, like young men running.

Always in the heart she loved
Others had lived, -- she heard their laughter.
She lies where none has lain before,
Where certainly none will follow after.

...I will make mixes that include songs like Juana Molina's "Salvese quien pueda":

I've only had a day of snow, and I'm already looking forward to spring in Charleston, which is maybe the most beautiful thing imaginable. Only a little over two months until the farmers market opens, bringing with it giant containers of lemonade, stands selling crepes and fruit and flowers and fresh bread. There will be people and music and sunshine and everything that is good about spring.


sLogan: said...

So I went to the mall tonight and apparently we have an Aerie store, which I did not know because I never go to the mall, and guess what? They. have. the. romper. In multiple sizes. I had to buy it. If you're still pining for it, I'll be happy to ship it Charleston. Let me know!

Sabrina said...

I also stumbled upon an Aerie store when I was in Charlotte last weekend, and bought it. I love it so much.

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