Monday, January 11, 2010

A bulleted list tied together by the fact that I like and/or am interested in whatever the points contain.

  • I spent a possibly embarrassing amount of time reading about cants on Wikipedia. A cant is a "secret language used only by members of a group, often used to conceal the meaning from those outside the group." How cool is that.
  • Baggu is offering a one-day 50% discount on their x3 set through Lucky magazine's site.
  • As if I didn't already have the travel bug, this is making the itch to leave the continent worse.
  • I wouldn't change a single thing in this townhouse's decor. Not a single thing. OK, maybe I'd take down the antlers over the bathtub, but that's it. I love it.
  • I just need season four of Skins to be on now.
  • "Onion" by Sean Hayes is quaveringly lovely.
  • It might be meant for weddings, but I'd wear this everywhere, all the time.
  • this person real? So romantic.

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