Saturday, January 30, 2010

A cure for the cold.

* Stay in bed a little too long indulging in outlandish dreams.
* Cinnamon hot chocolate: sweet and spicy.
* Bright Star: lush, stunning, stirring. As they fall in love, you do too. (Here's the swoon-worthy trailer.)
* Homemade chicken soup. (I will probably be having this for lunch and dinner.)
* Camp out in the bathtub for hours with a book and a glass (or bottle) of wine.
* Put curry powder on (or in) everything you eat.
* thigh-high socks.
* "Keep Me Warm" by Ida Maria.

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Belle said...

I love this snow day plan! I will be doing the exact same, only with a pot of veggie chili. Let's see if we can make progress on our night stand book piles...Enjoy it!

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