Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the day before my 26th birthday, I love...

...these dresses from Anthropologie.
...impending eclipses.
...Christopher Silas Neal's illustrations
...plans for a fun weekend birthday celebration.
...delicate underthings, like here, here, and here
...this adorable rendition of "Obladi Oblada" (love his outfit!).
...my new ($17!) pinstriped blazer.
...this amazing line of natural beauty products.
...this "cookbook"
...this illustration of a NYC Missed Connection.
...my afternoon snack of plump blackberries and this white pear tea.

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Quintessential_Laura said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm also turning 26 this month which is crazy to think about. Major score on the Gap blazer. I'm pretty obsessed with blazers in general right now, they're fabulous with everything. And i love both the Anthro dresses! I can't wait to get them in the store and see if they look as amazing in person as they do online.

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