Monday, January 4, 2010

Good luck charms.

Ever since I received this little compass necklace from Cathy it's become a sort of talisman. The combination of it being a hand-me-down from a friend, the symbolism of the compass, and the fact that I got it at the brink of a new year (and decade!) makes it the perfect good luck charm. I've worn it endlessly. And it's really cute.

Anyone else have any good luck charms?

Also, here's a song that I love:

Come and touch the things you cannot feel.
And close your fingertips and fly where I can’t hold you
Let the sun-rain fall and let the dewy clouds enfold you
And maybe you can sing to me the words I just told you,
If all the things you feel ain’t what they seem.


Southey said...

I have a silver dollar that my dad gave me a few years ago. You are supposed to put it in your wallet and forget about it, and it will bring you luck.

Sabrina said...

I love this...but you haven't forgotten about it! Does it still bring you luck?

Southey said...

Yea now that I think about it, answering that question made me remember it, but I always forget it is there until I open my wallet once or twice a year and it falls out while I'm looking for a grocery store or starbucks card.

It seems to be working pretty well, I booked an acting job out here in LA for a video game and have had 4 auditions in 2010 already which is nice, so I like to think it helps out.

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