Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The one-week mark.

The eve of 2010 is tomorrow and my birthday is a week from brain is whirring with change. But more on that later. With t-minus 7 days until the godforsaken age of 25 is behind me, I'm still making wish lists...the birthday kind. I'd like:

a birthday girl headband, like--

this one from Jennifer Behr:

or this one from

or this one from Bambako:

a cool, short-sleeved dress, like--

this one from Topshop:

or the French Connection dress I've been lusting after:

or maybe this cool vintage-looking dress from Modcloth:

I could make a 100-page list just containing headbands and party dresses...sigh...


Jessica said...

Macy's ripped off the FCUK dress :) It's a really thick knit & if I had somewhere to wear it I would totally have it in my possession already.

green rabbit said...

my birthday's on the 8th :) i want ikea food, a camera and no mebarrassment (they tend to be a bit like greek weddings)

happy b day in advance!

Sabrina said...

Holy cow...they definitely copied the French Connection dress...however, the FCUK one is amazing because it's's so heavy and wonderful. I want it...

And, Green Rabbit, happy early birthday to you, as well!

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