Friday, December 11, 2009

A December weekend to-do list:

  • hunt for an appropriate costume for Kevin's birthday party
  • gesticulate wildly with my faux nails and eyelashes
  • fail at games like beer pong and flip cup

  • fully appreciate my down comforter by staying in bed far too long and listening to my newly-made "Music for Lounging Around" mix and snuggling under the covers
  • venture to the post office to mail off pretty things, including a bright pink surprise for a lovely friend in Seattle
  • check out the Winter Craft Bazaar on Meeting St.
  • go to the farmers market in search of warm and tasty treats--also buy eggplant
  • play dress up in my closet
  • once roomie gets home, make plans for fun and games which may or may not include going dancing

  • recreate Saturday's first to-do item and snuggle under down comforter while listening to lovely music
  • test out Midtown's brunch menu and build the perfect Bloody Mary, since they do custom ones
  • sit for an hour or ten at Kudu
  • watch a Christmas movie: either Love Actually, A Christmas Tale, or both
  • make a good dinner and cinnamony hot chocolate for dessert

I have so much to do...I hope I manage to accomplish everything on my list...

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