Thursday, December 31, 2009

With 2010 right around the corner...

Ah, resolutions. I, like most people, make these lofty goals each year with the full knowledge that they'll be left by the wayside around early March.

However, this set of resolutions is different. My resolutions are more a celebration of the past year being behind me, with a new one right on the horizon. Of course, I still have those standard resolutions that most people have, because 2009 became a year of excess...eating, going out and drinking, other things...I want to hit the reset button on my life and enjoy the coming year as much as possible, because I can feel in my bones that it's going to be a darn good one.

* I resolve to cook more delicious meals--every time I make something delicious, I'm happier all-around. I love the process of cooking, I love tasting what I've made, and my wallet likes grocery stores more than restaurants. And I like showing off.

* I resolve to make my UK trip before the end of 2009. For being a self-proclaimed Anglophile, it's tragic that I've never been to the land of Jane Austen, Henry Cavill, and Radiohead.

* I resolve to replace Tuesday night trivia with Tuesday night yoga. This is also because yoga would have me back home in time for Lost and trivia wouldn't.

* I resolve to see my family more. Driving home on Christmas Eve, I realized I hadn't been back to old Matthews, NC in six months. Six months! I am an awful daughter. My parents supported me when I was neck-deep in self-pity and sniffling and then I pull a half-year disappearing act. Not going to happen again.

* I resolve to thoroughly embarrass my sister. She turns 16 this year, so all those boys who have been waiting in the wings to take her out may finally have their chance. And I resolve to be there with awkward questions and bad jokes. Who says my Dad should get to have all the fun?

Also on the resolutions list:

* Take more pictures.
* Make a Chicago trip.
* Finish the pile of books in my room before buying more.

What about you, my three readers in Internetland? Do you have any resolutions to share?

Edited to add a song for the New Year. This song gives me goosebumps and makes me dance:

The Very Best - Yalira by user2508181


i'm cathy. said...

my resolution is to exercise more. juuuust kidding! i do plan on making a budget with d and sticking to it! we are creating a household plan so hopefully we both can save more money.

Honey said...

I resolve to eat a much food from my own land as possible, followed by local food and only splurge on the foods from far away.

I plan on learning:
how to can food with confidence
how to play the banjo (
what makes the perfect pickle
how to select seed for heirloom stock.

Also, I hope to become more mindful, better at cleaning my house (!) and to stop waiting for something big to change and just behave according to how I'd like things to be.

It's a rather tall order, but why not? That's what New Year's is all about.

Southey said...

Hmm, here are a few:
- Get my improv group off the ground and perform weekly shows
- Hit the gym at least 4 nights out of the week
- Drink more water and eat more salad, while limiting alcohol/fried food intake
- Write a page a day in my journal, gotta put this moleskin to use!
- Adapt the play I was in "Framing the Shot" into a short film
- Make more friends, it's tough when I work from home and work in a cubicle with no co-workers, I rarely meet new people outside of auditions or improv class, so I have to make an effort to make connections and build a friend base here in LA.

Sabrina said...

What resolutions you all have! They sound like great ones. I will probably be stealing them to add to my resolutions.

Quintessential_Laura said...

I love your list of resolutions! I'm also trying to devote more time and practice to cooking. I feel so accomplished when I've made something, from start to finish, and it turns out well! If you come across some great recipes, feel free to share.

Eric said...

hey, i really like your blog. it is very interesting. check out my video on making thousands of dollars a day by selling parking spaces.

no, just kidding. I resolve to not use any curse words (this is continued from last year), to eat only humanely raised meat, and like you, to cook more again. boom.

Sabrina said...

I love how many of us are resolved to return to the kitchen this year!

And, make me laugh.

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