Monday, December 21, 2009

Closed for Business.

So, I'm sure that by now everyone in Charleston knows that Raval is now Closed for Business. As in, Raval no longer exists, and in its place is a 6-day-old cozy bar called Closed for Business, where they serve delicious things in a room with warm honey-colored wood walls and floors with small taxidermied animals and antlers as decor. It is absolutely my new favorite place in Charleston. We ate the mussels (several orders worth), the cheese plate, and the most delicious, cinnamony baked apple pocket with vanilla ice cream. And beer. Their selection is fantastic. We sat near the fireplace, which is a modern twist on the traditional:

Gotta love a junky camera phone shot.

Way to go Revolutionary Eating Ventures, for creating yet another place where I want to spend all my time (we were there for almost three hours!) and money. Plus, the soundtrack for the evening was filled with songs from the likes of Neko Case and Neil Diamond. What is there not to love?

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