Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Tale

I watched A Christmas Tale (Un conte de Noël) last night and it might be my new favorite holiday movie. For someone with a degree in English and creative writing, I am woefully inept at describing books, movies, and music when they really affect me. I can never seem to adequately pinpoint why something speaks to me; only that it does. If you want an articulate review of the film, see what the New York Times said about it here. It definitely turns the notion of a family Christmas movie on its ear.

Also, handsome Melvil Poupaud, who charmed Parker Posey's character (and tons of female viewers) in Broken English, plays a DJ in the film who does a fun spin on Al Green's "Love and Happiness." Mr. President featuring Mr. Day is the real music-maker behind the song:

I love French pop/dance music.

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