Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Holly Days!

As I lounge around listening to Christmas music and fighting yet another Hominy Grill-induced food coma, I've been running over the events of the past few Friday night office Christmas party that makes me continue to adore the people I work with (karaoke duets, dance circles, a capella "Happy Birthday" photos yet) and a Saturday night tacky sweater party with my favorite blonde and redhead combo:

Redhead + Brunette + Blonde = Dangerous.

She doesn't think she's funny, but she makes me snort with laughter.

The inevitable post-outing snack fest. Saturday night's was "cheesy toast." Plus, anything else in the cupboards we could reach.

All of this makes me feel so much more in the holiday spirit. Spangles and sparkles and red chenille and holiday cheer are EVERYWHERE.

On that note, here are more things I'd add to my 2009 Christmas Wish List:
Hunter wellingtons

J. Crew cashmere cardigan in golden chartreuse

a black clutch, like this one from Banana Republic

The Darjeeling Limited on DVD

A black shoulder bag, like the Linea Pelle "Dylan"

And I could keep going and going and going...I love stuff. What's on everyone else's Christmas wish list(s)?


Melissa said...

I will tell you know that should you purchase a pair of Hunters, you will difficulty wearing any other pair of shoes, ever. I love mine an obscene amount. Of course, I use mine for homesteading, which I don't think you do much of, but even so....

Melissa said...

You can't edit for a living and leave the comment above as is. So, "I will tell you NOW" is the correct start of the above comment.

(Also, I am amused by the number of items you've picture that I actually own.)

In some of my fall cleaning, I found a small chapbook of poems that you gave to me in high school. It's quite charming to look back on.

Sabrina said...

I definitely wouldn't get the same use out of Hunters like you do, but I've heard that they're amazing and I love how high up on the leg they go.

Also...I can't believe you found that poem book...burn it! I now no longer try to force my poetry on others. It stays in my hand-written journal ONLY.

Honey said...

Not burning it, no way!

Also, you didn't force it on me. That much I know. I've got one from my brother too- I think it's delightfully fun to have these little books that peek into the thoughts and visions of others growing up.

Sabrina said...

Mel, I LOVE your blog. Your life is one of my grown-up dreams.

Honey said...

Aww yay.

You are, and have always been, full of magic. I delight in visiting here and getting a little taste of that.

Also, when we finally build on this land, I may kidnap you for decorating purposes :)

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