Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am not normally one to post celebrity heartthrob items (or else this blog would be filled to the brim with items about Ryan Gosling, which is just plain embarrasing), but when I saw the commercial below, I had to share it. The commercial features Henry Cavill, who plays Charles Brandon in The Tudors.

The commerial so classy, and, well, just plain hot. The marketing companies for "Axe" "Tag" and other three-letter generic body sprays that smell like floor polish, should take notes. Commercials where hot girls turn into animals willing to rip off their clothes from a mere whiff of a scent that smells more like toilet cleaner than a men's fragrance is only going to attract pimply 14-year-old boys and 20-something guys with the maturity of 14-year-old boys.

After seeing this commercial, however, I am considering purchasing several bottles. Maybe I'll just buy stock in the company. Quality advertising works, people. Put a really attractive guy in a nice-fitting suit in a sweet sportscar with a gorgeous girl and show all sorts of hints of seduction and every man who watches will want to buy the cologne to be that guy, and every girl will buy the cologne to attempt to turn her boyfriend into that guy. This commercial ran in England...I wonder how Dunhill Black's sales were right before Valentine's Day...

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