Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grown-up Playland.

Images from ApartmentTherapy.com.

I've always loved the English-style backyard...they call it a back garden, and that's exactly what it is...a mixture of green space, lots of blooming plants and a bit of patio space made from bricks or pavers.

I also dream about having a lofty, romantic tent from RajTentClub.com.



What a perfect place to read, nap and dream during the spring and early summer!

I'd decorate it with things like this:

Moroccan Tent Decor
Moroccan Tent Decor - by waitforthesignal on Polyvore.com


Anonymous said...

...of course if this idyllic tent were in an English garden it would either be very damp and musty or would not be put up very often.

Sabrina said...

Oh, I believe it. I think it'd be better suited to my dream of having an English-style garden here in the U.S.

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