Monday, February 23, 2009

American Teen.

(Love the homage to The Breakfast Club in the second poster.)

I watched American Teen this weekend. With the exception of the random Sims-style video game-looking effects interspersed throughout the film, I really, really liked it.

My appreciation for this documentary about high school seniors in Indiana was mainly due to Hannah Bailey (the dark-haired girl). She is a little bit eccentric and a lot hilarious. She's also so open and honest...when she shares things with the camera, you can't help but notice that she's so desperate to live life to the fullest while still carrying with her all the fears and confusion that being 17-18 brings.

One example of her wry humor is when she's explaining to the camera how strange it is that a very popular guy from school (Mitch Reinholt, who is so attractive it's ridiculous) likes her. She says, "This is just...unbelieveable. There are just so many girls who would give their left boob to go on a date with him."

Here is the trailer...she actually says the line in this:

Also, please watch all of Hannah's blogs in the "Bonus Features" section. She rocks. The end.

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