Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Cocktail Time!

I have the horrible habit of biting my nails/cuticles. It's not even a nervous habit. I just constantly bite/pick at them. Gross, I know.

I am trying very hard to resist temptation and have thought up a great reward for myself:


Here are some of my picks:

Bright party ring
by Banana Republic

Cluster ring
by J. Crew:

Carved Lucite Ring
by Forever21

Arty Dots ring
by Yves St. Laurent

Flower Ring
by Juicy Couture

With rings this gorgeous, I'll never want to bite my nails again!


LauraBlogs said...

What a wonderful idea! I vote you purchase ring #2 from J.Crew. I'm obsessed with their jewelry right now, especially this guy:

and I don't even wear bracelets.

Sabrina said...

Their jewelry is INSANELY wonderful. I'm watching for my dream necklace on eBay...The J. Crew Bubble Necklace in Turquoise. UGH....I want it so bad.

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