Friday, February 13, 2009

Lake Lure

Lake Lure, originally uploaded by TeecNosPos.

I'll be spending the weekend at this glorious lake in NC. I hope that everyone has a glorious and magical (and romantic, if you are big on the Valentine's Day thing) weekend!


Mel said...

Happy Valentines Day!!

I'm sure you will enjoy your stay at the lake! Such a lovely area.

So, I might be visiting your fine city sometime in the coming weeks and I would love to see you!

(Melissa) said...

(Mel being Melissa, as I don't think you ever knew me as Mel)

Also, I was paging through a notebook looking for a recipe the other day when I came across something you had written up about south German cuisine for a project way back in the day!

Sabrina said...

Haha...I feel like I've always known you as "Mel"issa. Definitely let me know if you'll be in town! I'd love to grab some dinner or a drink (or have you over) if you'll be around!

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