Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer to do list.

I had this great post all planned out but it hit me that it's Midsummer Night's Eve (or, since it's after midnight, I suppose it's Midsummer's Day) which means that the days are already going to get shorter, so I've made a list of the things I'll try to accomplish before summer's over:

* go sailing (bonus points for a sunset sail)
* go to the beach once per weekend (and at least once right after work, just because I can)
* have one of those ridiculous "girls nights" that we always talk about and never do
* read more books than magazines
* [redacted]
* resist the temptation to cut my hair off
* spend some time sitting around at Hope & Union, rather than always getting my coffee to-go
* get a splotchless tan (heaven help the amount of freckles that are appearing)
* make heaps of spicy soba noodle meals with piles of cilantro
* shop my closet more than stores
* [redacted]
* Have a sweet, sweet dance party/weekend with Ms. Catherine L. Dwyer
* finally learn how to use my cheapie charcoal grill
* seven words: gin and tonics. with ice. and limes.
* spend a coolish evening showing someone my favorite parts of old Charleston
* spend a few hot nights in a cold movie theatre
* go to yoga at least three times per week
* come up with a seasonal nickname for Maya
* stumble across some sweet vintage furniture while thrifting
* maybe help my best friend move back to the South! (hollerhollerhollerholler)
* make sun tea as good as my Mom's
* stop making so many lists

Anyone else got plans? I got plans.

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i'm cathy. said...

awww yeah, dancing is definitely on the list. and beach time.

I have a big ol list too... including trying a bunch of new recipes (like pear ginger tea, and scalloped tomatoes), getting the L&L biz more official, going to Bulls games, establishing myself at a new job (in addition to my current one) and helping Mary and my Mom with wedding prep. I have a separate list for new craft projects to try!

Now, I just need to figure out how to make 24 hours longer than 24 hours.

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