Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bullet points.

I've decided to completely disregard the last item on yesterday's list and make a list of things that make me happy today. Why? Because I have some sort of sinus headache that is threatening to make me pouty and I refuse to give in. So here goes--today's short-but-sweet happy list:

* Tomorrow is Friday. Enough said.
* Further, tomorrow is one week from a three-day weekend. 
* Postcard in the mail from Belgium from my friend (and official Beerspotter for the Washington City Paper), Orr.
* Getting complimented on my dress.
* Dinner at Santi's followed by trivia (even though staying at home for a bath and The Life Aquatic is tempting.)
*  And finally, my second-favorite Michael Jackson song coming on shuffle on the way to and from work:

C'mon Friday.

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