Saturday, June 12, 2010

Coming home--the highlights.

  • a perfectly stocked fridge
  • early morning with my parents
  • long conversations with my dad (the only person who can out-talk me) about everything under the sun
  • coffee like only my dad can make
  • Bloody Marys like only my dad can make
  • a trip to Ikea
  • cheering for the USA 
  • early Father's Day presents
  • my mom's garden
  • my mom's listening skills
  • hanging out with my sister
  • sleeping in a king-sized bed
  • wearing my favorite thrift dress that I forgot the last time I came here
  • a stack of new (to me) books, mostly hardcover
  • listening to A Prairie Home Companion while my dad cooks dinner
  • Miles Davis + pasta + a good Malbec

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