Thursday, April 30, 2009


* Played around with my online résumé.
* Made a trip to King's Greenhouse, which is like the Anthropologie of garden centers.
* Got completely addicted to digging around in the gnarled branches of my family tree.
* Watched my sister, Kati, be the rock star of her softball team as they won 17-0. She cracked that bat and slid into home like a champ (three times!). She got the game ball.
* Had a delicious meal on the porch of grilled salmon and dill potatoes with asparagus picked fresh from the garden.
* Talked to my dad about my pipe-dream business plan.

I have to's good to be home.



Quintessential_Laura said...

Are you going to be in NC for long? I would love to grab some lunch or a drink with you while you're here.

Sabrina said...

I'm going to be here till Monday morning, but have been recruited by the fam to help with house/garden things all day today, and then we're having a big family get-together tomorrow. I'll give you a ring if I haven't collapsed in a heap by this evening!

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