Friday, April 24, 2009

I cannot stop listening to this song.

And I’ve come to be untroubled in my seeking.
And I’ve come to see that nothing is for naught.
I’ve come to reach out blind,
To reach forward and behind,
For the more I seek the more I’m sought.
Yeah, the more I seek the more I’m sought.

The weekend is quickly approaching and I'm so excited for it. This is actually the first weekend in a while where I'm not driving to visit anyone and no one is coming to visit me. I plan on doing the boring (but necessary) house cleaning and laundry, and then filling up the rest of the time with early morning walks with the pup (it's going to be HOT this weekend) and my garden plans, and making delicious breakfast and endless pots of coffee. Maybe I'll spend my evenings hanging out with friends and my even later evenings being creative.

Since I'm constantly making lists and resolutions, I thought, why not add to my list of lists and do another?

New Life's Resolutions:
* focus on the garden
* local, organic, good foods (as soon as I polish off all the Easter candy from my folks)
* write in my journal for 30 minutes every day
* travel
* only listen to music that makes me feel like my insides are splitting open with joy
* try to cover every inch of my gorgeous city on foot, even if it takes a million walks
* be thankful

I don't know how many of these resolutions will be accomplished, seeing as how I have a penchant for junk food, laziness and television, but here's to hoping!

Happy Weekend!


lauren said...

I used to do improv with Joe Pug. So weird. One day he just up and moved to Chicago to be a singer.

Sabrina said...

I know! I am seriously considering going to Lollapalooza, and when I saw his name on the poster, I was shocked! I was a huge fan of his stand-up, where he'd read out of a notebook. I never forgot that, and now...what great music!

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