Thursday, April 23, 2009


I swear...Chronicle Books puts out the greatest books ever.

I just read about this new book, Garden Anywhere:

And I want it so bad. The word "budget" is such a sexy word in these times. Cheap? Maybe even free? SOLD.

Even though my mom is an avid gardener, I haven't tried it too much myself, until lately. Now I'm so excited about watering my herbs and perennials in the morning, checking their progress, watching them grow, inhaling their sweet and savory smells. Now I just want to keep going (my only adversaries are the horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE, mosquitoes that populate my backyard all late-spring-through-summer) and read everything I can about gardening.

I already have a trip to Lowes planned for the weekend so I can make the compost bin I've been daydreaming about for months. I'm going to base my project on this one.

Composting is so valuable. No more smelly food rotting in the trash can. Plus, that's less trash to take out. Less crap in landfills and more becoming rich, lush soil to grow delicious and beautiful plants!

Now, does anyone have any (environmentally friendly) ideas for the horrible mosquito problem? I'm looking into bird houses.


Melissa said...

I think lizards do more mosquito eating then birds (although bigger birds do eat lizards at times, so I'm not sure how to work the food chain there...maybe feed the birds?)

There are a number of plants that are fairly effective- mostly herbs, and of course, citronella grass (which can get HUGE) but you have to remember that these only work once the oils have been released so you would have to crush a few leaves in order to kick-start your mosquito repellent.

There is such a thing as a mosquito plant- I believe it is a cultivar that is part geranium which is supposed to be great at keeping them away.

Good luck!

Sabrina said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! I have no shortage of lizards in my yard.. those little guys are everywhere! I've heard good things about geraniums and their mosquito-repellant properties, so I bet the hybrid is even better.

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