Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Alice Waters

I am so intrigued by this woman. Most people know her as the founder of Chez Panisse in California, and most recently she's been in the news for convincing the Obamas to plant a White House vegetable garden as a symbol for the U.S. to take a new perspective on food.

I want to buy her book:

But, while I'm intrigued by the simple, wholesome recipes, I also feel a little discouraged. It's difficult to go to the source and make sure you're consistently getting local, organic ingredients (especially when you're a twenty-something with a limited budget and limited knowledge of HOW to go to the source). And, as powerful as the Slow Food movement is, I still love junk food. Sometimes I just crave a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and a Coke.

Whatever my difficulties battling my own love of junk, Alice Waters' passion for good food is something I want to cultivate in my own life. How cool is she?


Alex said...

My friend Vera works at edible schoolyard and is in that video! I visited her there last year in Berkeley and it's amazing! (This is Alex Doyne btw). I hope you're well. I'm really enjoying your blog and it's facilitating my insomnia tonight.

Sabrina said...

Hi Alex! I'm glad that you enjoy my blog and I'm very jealous of your friend Vera. She has a cool name AND a cool job. I hope you're well, too. We need to catch up soon!

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