Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh boy.

I think this is the week for a nervous breakdown. Not really, but if I were a little less stable, I could definitely see it happening.

These past few days have been the kind where you come to after blanking out in front of your computer for ten minutes, and you kind of sit there blinking, like, "Where the hell was I?" Or you get 16 files emailed to you, and when you try to open any of them, they look like they've all been scripted in Wing-Dings or some other godforsaken font that makes you think your computer has been taken over by evil forces.

Then, today I got into a car accident with my own mother. She and my sister are visiting for the end-portion of Kati's spring break, and since I couldn't handle the fact that my car has been doing a note-for-note impression of a spoon in a garbage disposal, I thought it was a pretty solid time to get things checked out under the hood (literally, not figuratively). My mom and I got into a discussion about where to take the car. I wanted to go to a well-respected local place (Gerald's) and my mom wanted to go somewhere known for good customer service all over (AAA Auto Care). On the highway, about a block from AAA, my brakes gave out and I crashed into my mom. I hit my mother's car with my car. But I guess she kind deserved it, since she so strongly wanted us to go to AAA and then quoted me over $200-$300 more than Gerald's. Take THAT, Mom's mini-van.

So they made me call AAA to tow my car (from AAA) the three blocks between service centers. To make up for it, there's a person at Gerald's who I am thisclose to throwing my panties at, because he's nothing less than a rock star. So now I am throwing out almost $400, rather than almost $700, for my car to not be a grinding death trap any longer. Hurrah!

I'm taking tomorrow off to celebrate Good Friday as solemnly as possible (with beers on the beach, of course). And that's how I will probably spend Good Saturday and Good Sunday as well. Amen.

I'm going to shut down this mother with a song that I slow dance to in my living room. Ray-Ray always knows how to make a lady feel damn fine.

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