Wednesday, April 22, 2009


* Pitchfork released M83's new music video today:

* Today's a good day for sitting on the beach with friends and a certain dog (who we'll call "Schmaya") who is very keen on attention and digging in sand. And chasing. And being chased.

*Project Runway, Season 6 will be on Lifetime starting August 20 at 10pm, with a companion show, Models of the Runway, following at 11. If local rumors are correct, a Charleston boutique owner is one of the contestants.

* I've been rocking out to this lately:

* This dress makes me happy

* After a walk with the pup, I might make my fancy scrambled eggs and bacon. What alcoholic beverage best accompanies breakfast foods? I wish I had some bloody mary mix...

*Also, Weeds, Season 4, doesn't come out on DVD till June and I just saw the poster advertising Season 5. Sigh.

* My brain is all over the place today. Is that obvious?


Anonymous said...

I don't know what season I'm up to in Weeds but I hope the new one i've not seen is on soon!

Sabrina said...

It's such a good show. I can't wait to watch the season that's about to come out on DVD. Mary-Louise Parker is awesome.

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