Friday, April 16, 2010

Things are warming up...

"...the sailors leave in the morning; I'll be waiting for you all night. The ship sets off in the morning; I'll be waiting for you alright..."

This weekend brings weather in the 80s, my college roomie in town, Blue Angels flying in formation makes me think of summer, and it makes me look forward to:

* hot days and warm nights
* double margaritas in mason jars
* the smell of sunscreen and freckled shoulders
* sailing around Charleston at sunset
* late night/early morning dance parties
* rose gelato in tiny cups
* little sundresses and even littler bikinis
* vintage Ray-Bans
* sun-streaked hair in topknots
* huge containers of farmers' market lemonade
* swimming in saltwater and naps on the beach

Happy (almost) Weekend!

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