Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rogue Brogue.

I've been looking for the perfect brogue or oxford-type shoe for a while and on my shopping trips, I've seen a lot of shoes I've liked but never purchased them because of one single thought, "I could find something just like this at Goodwill."

Sure enough, on my Goodwill visit with Aleigh, I stumbled upon these great little leather brogues from G.H. Bass & Co. I think they were $3.99.

Forgot to include them in my last thrifting post!


Meghann said...


I am going to make this brief. I am jealous of your life. And this jealousy,it consumes me on a daily basis. Have I yet approached you about some kind of apprenticeship wherein I would be able to follow and emulate your daily goingson?

This request ranks about an 8.5 on the Gruebel Scale of Creepy, but I'm willing to overlook this glaring fact if you are.

Sabrina said...

Um...This is the single greatest comment I've ever received.

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