Monday, April 5, 2010

Goodwill Hunting

This weekend, on my short trip to Charlotte, I met up with Aleigh, who has a seriously awesome job doing all sorts of social media and communications work for Goodwill of Southern Piedmont. Since I was in town, we decided to go, where else? Goodwill! While shopping, I stumbled upon the find of the century:


I've been searching for a vintage globe (complete with USSR AND Yugoslavia!) for ages --seriously, read this post-- so when I saw the mother of all globes, with a sweet stand, for a whopping $7.99, I realized that this was nothing short of a miracle. This find completely overshadows the Marc Jacobs heels and amazing vintage blazers I also scored.

Also, last weekend, when the BFF was in town, we stopped by G-dubs and I got a few sweet things I forgot to share:

I am a sucker for vintage bags with cool clasps and closures.

Vintage suede Ralph Lauren spectator pumps.

A small glass pitcher with silver handle--perfect for summertime mojitos. (And the mirror behind it is actually a GW find, too.)

Man I love a good thrift score.


Lauren said...

your Goodwill finds never cease to amaze me!

Jessica V. said...

The next time you go Goodwill shopping in Charlotte, can I come too? I've never found anything good in a Goodwill.

Sabrina said...

Haha...thanks, you guys. And, Jessica, I'll definitely let you know the next time I go thrifing in Charlotte!

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