Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pretty Underthings.

The Lake & Stars has me completely intrigued as a brand. There's something so romantic about having pretty underthings under your day-to-day wear--like a little secret with yourself. The shapes have a vintage boudoir feel, yet the materials used are almost industrial, making the whole look more modern.

Images from Bona Drag.


erin said...

Tell me about it! I loooove their collections, so delicate yet so sturdy and practical-looking. Unfortunately they would never work on a woman with my endowments..or budget for that matter. I stick with Wacoal. Fashionable, comfortable, and reasonably priced. It's the only brand that recognizes there are young women with small frames and large breasts.

Sabrina said... did you hear about them?

erin said...

An old professor turned friend, actually. I can't wait to buy more of them...

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