Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The "Thriftsravaganza" that I talked about in my second vlog last week was a blast, as expected. While I found surprisingly few home decor items, I hit the jackpot with clothes (nothing vintage, unfortunately) and if I would have been shopping for furniture, I would have needed a moving truck to haul home all of the amazing finds I stumbled upon.

Let me share:

Bun-footed armoire

The shape is simple enough that it can be used with a lot of different decorating styles. I love the sage green color it was painted, but when in doubt it can always be painted white! Whether being used as a TV cabinet or a linen closet, I think it's an adorable piece.

Antique sofa ($175)

In my mind, this sofa's potential is limitless. While its shiny brocade could work for a shabby chic look, it could be recovered in a neutral linen like Anthropologie's Amelie Sofa ($2,898 +$250 shipping)

or, another idea from Anthropologie (where I get many ideas) is that it could be covered in a fun fabric, like one from Marimekko, for a look like the Jayne Sofa ($3,498 +$250 shipping)

(Some of the current season's Marimekko upholstery fabrics I like:

And don't forget Ikea's fabrics!:

Antique dresser in lacquered cream

I think this piece is perfect, as-is. I love the details and actually have some dining chairs with the same detailing. This look is so easy to emulate, though. Any old dresser could look like this after a few coats of off-white paint and some high-gloss polyurethane.

Small settee

While the fabric on this settee is hideous, the shape makes a multipurpose piece. It's small enough that it can fit into a small entry as a place to take off shoes, or it could be put at the foot of your bed as a dressing/relaxing spot. It would need to be recovered (the current fabric is a nubby, terrycloth-like 70s fabric), and it could have a modern print like the ones above or a trendy ikat.

Metal trunk

After this trunk has been thoroughly cleaned and the ripped handle has been repaired, this can function as a coffee table, TV stand, foot-of-the-bed storage or a billion other things. I love using suitcases and trunks as furniture because they serve as storage for out of season items like blankets and sweaters (especially in a place without a lot of closets!).

Art Deco armoire

This Art Deco armoire was so beautiful that I walked back to look at it over and over again. Besides the gorgeous wood inlay details, it was in fabulous condition. It had mirrors inside, tons of space, hooks for hanging and a metal key to look your pretty clothes up safe. I can't believe this was in a thrift store and not some pricey antique shop. Whoever brings this piece home is a lucky individual.

There were many more finds, but I got so overwhelmed that I started leaving my camera in the car. If only thrifting could be my job. Who wants to hire me?


i'm cathy. said...

i think you should write to TLC, HGTV, style network, etc. and see if they will give you a TV show about this...
and if they do, i call dibs on being your traveling assistant.

Sabrina said...

I would LOVE that.

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