Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sweet Swedes

There is a certain Swedish blogger whose shoes I'd love to walk in for a day or ten.

She dresses entirely in vintage or vintage-inspired looks, as does her handsome boyfriend. She works for an advertising agency in Stockholm where it looks like everyone in the office is friends. She must never be bored. Her friends are always having dinner parties, birthday parties, summer parties, costume parties...they always have something to celebrate, and they go all-out when they do, and everything is well photographed.

Her blog is in Swedish, and since I don't understand the language I look at her site through Google Translator. It is sometimes more entertaining than getting the exact meaning. Instead of saying, "These cupcakes are heavenly," it reads things like, "The cupcakes celestial is." Celestial, indeed!

Her boyfriend's name even gets translated, and apparently it means " the wind." So, when "the wind" whispers secrets in her ear, and "the wind" slow-dances with her, it has such an otherworldly magic to it, even though she's writing about her boyfriend.

If you don't already read Sandra's blog, I highly recommend it!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I've only looked at the pictures but I want her life!! It all looks like so much fun!

Sabrina said...

I know. I need to take a trip to Scandinavia!

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