Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Today, (in just a few minutes actually) my family is packing up to go here:

I'm excited about it because I haven't been to my family's mountain house since 4th of July last year! I'm looking forward to:

Reading on the porch

Wading around in the icy creek

And also:

* Watching Maya bark at cows
* Drinking beer by the bonfire at night
* Driving into Asheville for my baby sister's 15th birthday dinner (I'm still in denial that she's only a year from 16.)
* Bundling under the covers at night
* Being free of emails, cell phone rings and cable TV (I am a technology addict--it's good to turn it all off, now and then)
* And mostly, just BEING. When you're up there, you breathe better, think clearer and can't help but have a positive outlook. It's too peaceful not to.

I hope everyone has a fun-filled and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend!

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