Thursday, October 1, 2009


On account of the coffee I drank to get through today's 3pm sluggishness, I'm now amped up on caffeine and grooving to this song by Temper Trap:

Also, a quick break from regularly scheduled programming for a quick word from our sponsors:

Dear Girl Who Keeps Taking Stuff from My Blog,

I basically wrote this on the comment I just posted on your latest pilfered blog entry, but am leaving this here as a reminder, also. I am trying to be nice. But it is very disconcerting to find my words written under your name. Please stop. I asked you before, privately, and now I'm asking again. The world is very small. Especially since you're from the same town as me and we have mutual friends. Live your own life. Write about your own experiences. It's much more gratifying that way.



Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I am really digging these things from Anthro:

Courting Lad Blazer

On that note, I need a name for my trivia team.

On another note, in two weeks from this very moment, I will be on a plane to Vermont!

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