Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Halloween Dilemma.

Can I just wear a funny cat mask?

So, it's two days before Halloween and I still haven't solidified what I want to be. I'll be spending a large portion of the day rockin' my dirndl (which I haven't worn since I was 13 or so) at an Oktoberfest party but what do I wear for the nighttime?!?

I was going to be the Morton Salt Girl, but now I'm not so sure. I already look younger than my age, so dressing like a little girl is not as appealing an idea as it first was.

I need something that would be good for dancing and something that allows me to wear fun make-up. I think those are my only requirements. I don't like those overly saucy costumes, though. Ick.

Any recommendations would be great!


i'm cathy. said...

80's beauty queen
Link (from zelda) or Robin Hood (hooray for boots and tights!)
anyone from Dallas or Dynasty
Amelia Earhart
a hip hop video dancer or "fly girl" or a contestant on so you think you can dance

Sandra Lee - just walk around with a martini glass and a tray of cookies... act really drunk and tell everyone you need a drink because "its COCKtail time!" although you may need a blonde wig for that one.

good luck and take pictures!

Sabrina said...

Cathy, I...I...I just love you.

I can't be that Dallas/Dynasty lady because I left my beautiful metallic, leopard, ruched, HUGE shoulder-padded dress in Charlotte. I thought it was in my attic, but, no.

But I will be seriously ruminating on the rest of your ideas.

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