Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Burlington, VT + Montreal

Fog, rain, wind, and delays in Philly started the trip, but MAN was it worth the wait. Bundling up, shopping, snacking, playing, and laughing with your girlfriends is about the greatest thing ever. My bank account is now weeping openly, but I have a lot to show for it...all sorts of things to decorate my wardrobe and memories of delicious meals/evenings.


This is what I looked like a lot. (Photo by Cathy.)

Amanda shopping for veggies at Burlington's farmers market.

They close down 108 mid-October, but people still wander it on foot and hike the trails.

Cathy posing with our snack.

Cathy in the red hat.

The perfect post-bar hot dog.

A Sunday afternoon walk.

The best one.

My new favorite tree.

Chopped rocks.

Autumn colors.

Montreal (I don't have as many pics because I was busy pressing my nose to the glass of H & M and Zara windows.):

Vive la Montréal!

I am.

Painted walls and graffiti covered the Quartier Latin.

Kusmi Tea is my new obsession.

After shopping all day, since the place I wanted to go (Olive + Gourmando) was closed, Amanda and I went to L'Express. It's this really unassuming Parisian-style bistro filled with cute waiters. They bring you a jar of delicious little pickles and mustard to snack on while you wait on your meal. I had the soupe paysanne and croque-monsieur and it was perfectly warming after a chilly day walking around.

After that, we wandered down to Le National to see Dead Man's Bones. It was fantastic, for more than the reason that I was in the same room with Ryan Gosling for the latter portion of last evening. The event began with a talent/variety show of magicians and burlesque and the actual Dead Man's Bones performance was something of a multi-media event as well. Dead Man's Bones is basically attractive boys + Johnny Cash + your favorite childhood haunted house. Accompanied by a local children's choir dressed as "zombie skeletons" the band sang a number of catchy and spooky-themed songs (some odd ones, also). Maybe the best part: a six-year-old girl singing the Nancy Sinatra hit "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)". Also, "Pa Pa Power" is such a fun song.

How could you not be entertained?

In summary, I had an awesome trip.


Belle said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Your pictures make me miss Vermont (the land of my childhood).

Also, I saw Dead Man's Bones in D.C. and they were so fun!

Costume plans for Halloween? I'm going to be Fortune Teller, and will tell only good fortunes.

Sabrina said...

It was an amazing trip.

I'm so glad you got to see them in DC!

As for my costume, I'm thinking the Morton's Salt Girl.

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