Friday, March 6, 2009


I feel like I'm falling in love with the world again. Spring does that to you--the fresh air fills up the corners of your lungs, it whooshes the cobwebs out of your heart and begs you to make a fresh start. Wow. How Hallmark do I sound?

I saw a painting that really inspired me, and since it's basically just layers of circles in a simple color scheme, I think I may be able to pull off a half-decent replica. I'll post pictures on my blog eventually, if they're any good.

Also, I'm thinking of checking out the Leifsdottir Trunk Show at Gwynn's tomorrow. Here are some of the looks I'll hope to see:

(I love the print of her top and the dress below this photo!)

(Look at the detail on the redhead's skirt--I love structure!)

Check out the rest of their Spring 2009 collection here and their Fall 2009 collection here.

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Quintessential_Laura said...

I loooooove Leifsdottir. We carry some of their stuff at Anthropologie like that top in the first picture and the amazingly beautiful dress in the third picture. I want that dress so bad but I won't allow myself to even try it on bc even with my discount, it is way too much. You should DEFINITELY go to the trunk show!

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