Friday, March 20, 2009

Two Lovahs.

I should have posted this yesterday. While The 4th day of the work week is known as Thursday to most people, it is probably now considered Goop-day by all of those, like myself, who get Queen Gwyn's weekly newsletters. I always check my email more frequently on Goop-days, eagerly anticipating the delightful nugget of knowledge Ms. Paltrow will surely impart upon us. This week's was all about making healthful food appealing to children. This is especially important knowledge for the days when my inner child throws a tantrum about the meal I've planned. Now I know how to make seitan so appealing that even my bratty inner self will enjoy the meal my grown-up self has made! Hurrah!

Anyway, i'm really looking forward to the film she and rap superstar Joaquin Phoenix (BYE!GOOD) have made.

Watch this, and then come with me to the movies when it comes out!

The French subtitles were just to make the film even more superior.

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