Thursday, March 12, 2009

I got the scoop on a new jewelry website, Charm & Chain, (thanks AGAIN, Daily Candy) and I've waited a few days to talk about it because, well...every time I go on the site I start hyperventilating with desire, lust, envy and so many more emotions that I have to quickly X off the screen before I freak out entirely.

However, I've managed to pull myself together enough to try to share some of my favorites. I just can't believe how many gorgeous accessories exist on this earth. If only I had more funds (and more appendages to drape these beauties on).

Here are some of my faves.

Necklaces - by waitforthesignal on

Bracelets - by waitforthesignal on

Earrings - by waitforthesignal on

Rings - by waitforthesignal on

You can click on the Polyvore set links to find out more about prices, details, etc. or you can just head straight to the website yourself and start drooling about your own favorites!

Charm & Chain

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