Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Understated versus...overstated?...glamour.

While doing some thrifting at one of my local Goodwills this evening, I stumbled upon (and purchased) two dresses. I took some quick snapshots (the sun was setting, so it isn't really ideal light). They couldn't be more different:

The first dress has no adornments. It's simply a long black sheath with tiny cap sleeves. Its simplicity makes the back of the dress that much more appealing. The low, completely open, back is absolutely breathtaking in comparison with its rather conservative front.  (Though, let me tell you, this dress definitely hugs the curves.)

The other dress could not even remotely be described as understated. It's too...everything. Bright purple, beaded, sheer panels. The only word I can think of is "pizazz". While it's certainly not an everyday dress, I adore it. Putting it on, you can't help but feel fancy.

This is one of many things I love about thrifting. Every decade, every style, every type of taste, is all squashed together. And though these dresses are wildly different, I'm drawn to them both. Somewhere in time, two ladies wore these dresses to cocktail parties or weddings, and hopefully felt stunning. Because that's what glamour is supposed to do--whether with understated details or over-the-top beading, glamour makes you feel good.


erica said...

these are absolutely stunning, breathtaking even.
though i find myself most intrigued that you have a form to put your dresses on to take such shots! where did you get it? do you sew or have an e-bay/etsy store in which you need it for selling?

truly awesome.
fyi, i really wish that tumblr and blogspot would have a merge tool, so i could read all my favorite blogs on both platforms. it would be so lovely.

Sabrina said...

I just found the form on Sunday. I bought it off a nice fellow on Craigslist. It's to display my vintage finds for my new Etsy shop: seekvintage.etsy.com (there's also a widget on the sidebar of this blog)!

I agree about tumblr and Blogspot...I use Google Reader, which does a pretty good job.

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