Friday, July 30, 2010

Shop Seek Vintage.

If you're visiting my actual blog to read these posts, you may have noticed some additions to the sidebar of my blog. However, if you're one of my Google Reader readers, you probably haven't seen it.

I have had the idea for ages, but as I generally do, I procrastinated on the idea for about a year.  I finally opened a vintage shop on etsy called seek vintage. Right now, there are only a few items in it, but I've actually made a few sales! I've got so many more things to add, like a pile of vintage scarves, some skirts and dresses for those last weeks of summer, and as fall comes, some structured wool pencil skirts and blazers to carry you through the cool months in style.

So, if you have a moment to show some support, I'd be just thrilled if you'd:

* visit seek vintage on Etsy

* become a fan of seek vintage on Facebook

* follow the shop on Twitter

* heart the shop on Etsy

Or some combination of the above. That way you'll be in the know if I stumble upon that vintage treasure you've always dreamed about.


Kristen Gastaldo said...

Can I come shopping at your house before you put all this goodness on the internets?

Sabrina said...

Of course!

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