Saturday, July 10, 2010

On words.

I really think that my blog would be best served just regurgitating the daily Writer's Almanac. Today's poem makes me realize I haven't read ole Walt in a while, and I miss him.

"Once I Pass'd Through a Populous City"

Once I pass'd through a populous city imprinting my brain for future
         use with its shows, architecture, customs, traditions,
Yet now of all that city I remember only a woman I casually met there
         who detain'd me for love of me,
Day by day and night by night we were together—all else has long
         been forgotten by me,
I remember I say only that woman who passionately clung to me,
Again we wander, we love, we separate again,
Again she holds me by the hand, I must not go,
I see her close beside me with silent lips sad and tremulous.

In other news, I woke up with Pedro the Lion in my head this morning which made me feel the worst kind of unsettled in the best kind of way. While listening to a bunch of old Pedro and newish David Bazan stuff, I stumbled upon this cover. I love it.

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